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NWS Winter Weather Advisory (Grayson County)

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Whitetop , VA
Skyline National Bank, Whitetop, VA

Forecast Last Updated at Sunday, January 17, 2021 at 5:13PM

Grey Winter Continues

A few more bits of light snow showers and flurries are possible tonight into Monday morning as another shot of energy approaches. It's novelty level stuff other than the higher elevations of the Grayson Highlands. After a lull Tuesday, things get "weird" in the least dramatic of ways, with the possibility of light rain or mixed precipitation by Thursday, though with bizarre levels of uncertainty it's worth sticking around for updates. In better news, things return to a more benign chilliness to wrap up the week.

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Hi: 30 Lo: 23

Mostly cloudy; A few flurries possible overnight; SW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 26 Lo: 23

Mostly cloudy; A few snow showers or flurries in the AM; West wind 10-15 mph.

Hi: 36 Lo: 27

Increasing clouds; A touch more mild; Gusty west winds 5-10 mph

Hi: 31 Lo: 28

Decreasing clouds

Hi: 39 Lo: 31

Mostly cloudy; Rain showers possible

Further Out

Friday - Mainly Cloudy; High in the mid 30s; Low in the mid 20s
Saturday - Mainly Sunny; High in the mid 30s; Low in the lower 30s

Forecast Discussion

A quick shot of flurries and scattered snow showers is possible again tonight and early Monday as some energy makes its way from the northwest, with any accumulations being isolated to the most exposed mountaintops. Things get a bit warmer Tuesday which is also the last day where things are reasonably predictable...

Wednesday should be quiet; a stray flurry may pop up somewhere as an unimpressive clipper of sorts heads toward the region, but for the most part things look pretty quiet. With Thursday perhaps comes a bit more warmth and a chance of some showers as a weak feature tries to assemble itself to the south, but for now it's hard to foresee what level of severity would come with this system. Whatever it is it looks a bit on the warm side.

With the weekend comes a reasonable chance of quiet and mild, but given the uncertainty in the days before, this could change dramatically as chaos theory plays its course; stay tuned!


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